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Soapstone is a truely unique stone from it's chemical makeup to it's distince look it is certaintly in a class of it's own. Soapstone is a dense, non-porous stone. It will not burn or stain and is an incredibly sanitary surface to work on. Due to its many unique characteristics, soapstone has been used extensively in laboratories and science classrooms for sinks, flooring, and work surfaces. Clean up is a breeze, it is recommended to simply use a mild cleanser, although even the harshest of cleaners will not harm the soapstone. Soapstone countertops, are far less labor intensive than Tile Countertops, and even easier to maintain then granite or marble. No chemical sealing is required like with granite, marble, or concrete countertops, and no more grout lines to scrub. A soapstone vanity is one that will last forever, and an outdoor kitchen with soapsotone countertops can withstand even the harshest of climates. Check out the links above for pictures of Washington and Oregon Soapstone Projects.

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