Our Current Featured Project "Mt Shuksan, Custom Soapstone Fountain"

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  At Shadley's Soapstone we are much more than just countertops!  
Shadley's Soapstone Of Oregon began business as simply a soapstone countertop company. One problem with being just a countertop company is that all kinds of scrap material is generated. We end up with large pieces that may be used down the road on a bathroom vanity or it may just sit for years to come, we also end up with oodles of small pieces that in the countertop buisness are considered trash. We have decided to turn this trend around and from day one we saved all of our remnant pieces of stone, from big to small, and today those pieces are turned into creations of all types, from furniture, to fountains, to whiskey stones. Now pieces of stone of every shape and size are used and saved from the landfill. This particular fountain is a commisioned piece for the Bunker Family. The idea was presented by Gail bunker who wanted to give her son a very unique gift. Her son, a forest ranger, was very familiar with the mountains in the Northern Cascades, and so was born the Mt.Shuksan Fountain. Made from four unique types of Soapstone this project was inspired by the Beauty of nature and the raw uncut shapes of an actual mountain range. Thanks Bunkers for the opportunitie to stretch our wings!

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